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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Duh, we all knew it was you- btw, is the Office on tonight? Just figured out that combined Chorale and Chanteuses are one elective- I'm also taking Chinese and B-way theater one semester, Multimedia Presentations(ugh!) another

heyy guys and girls

Lets all cheer for Maddie, cuz she's wicked awesome!!
yey, she's got the smarts word up G!
And she's not fat, contrary to what her mother beleives.
but, she does have the hots for sam just like angie has the hots for tim... KINDING!
no she's in
*cough cough* love with gianni. ha.
but she is pretty smart, definatly smarter than me.
She's also very, ahhhhh, outspoken but in a good way.
Don't we all love her? I do.
but I gotta go,

love yallz bye!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pity me...

  • I need to do a lab
  • I need to do a test
  • I need to do two major projects
  • I got a B on my science test
  • I am depressed
  • My self esteem is zero
  • I have no life
  • I feel alone
  • My mom thinks I'm fat
  • I think I'm fat
  • She won't let me take Broadway Musical Theater
  • I feel alone
  • I'm really stressed out

Sunday, February 12, 2006


1. Jen- stop anonymously defending Sam.

2. Melissa- what's your problem?

3. Angie- yeah, don't know what to say.

4. Sam- I can tell who you are. No need to be "anonymous."

5. Jeff- You and Maeve are meant to be. I am not so sure about me and Gianni- I'm not that devoted to him.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


I can't believe Gianni asked me out! Me and Gianni and James and Margaret forever! Gianni, though he may be a first soprano and have a dad in the mob, is really sweet and nice, unlike some people. So now that we're an item, Gianni is taking me to this pizza place on Friday that one of his dad's colleagues(sound suspicious?) owns.Sorry, I just took a break because he called me. He's so attentive, not to mention fun. I am gushing way too much. But I'm just so excited!Could life get any better? I made Chorale, I'm with Gianni- and other than the fact that I've missed five days of school and could have a serious contagious disease( and I missed at least one test or quiz or project in every class) all is good. Yeah.Well, summer and spring break is coming up, so we( I am addressing girls here, not boys) should go to the mall and have bathing suit/bikini try-ons! Summer is here. No, really. After February, spring sports start in early March. That makes April fly by, until it's late May. The end of year field trips begin, not to mention graduation and the talent show. Then it's summer. School is like, over. What are Gianni and I going to do when I go to Conestoga?OMG! We're going to break up. It's all right for guys in 8th grade to date up, but it's not cool to date down to the middle school.... Maybe we'll just "take a break" (can I get with Kiernan?) next year, and when he gets to CHS, we'll get back together! Okay, we won't break up. At least until June. Okay. Life is good. By the way, Angie and I will probably go to Honk @ 2 today! Please come! First to comment gets a paragraph about them!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

8th Grade Champ!

Oh yeah, guess who beat Sri! (Sorry, Sri... )
Anyway, the award for the strangest word in the 'bee was doneness. I know it looks really easy, but the weird vice principal sub pronounced like an Scottish swamp monster. Another hard one- bivouac. Snaps for me- it's not like it really matters, though. Mr. Gibson looked like he would rather die than sit through the whole thing. Also, a pair of doting parents shook their heads whenever someone got their word wrong, including a pity smile for their kid when he lost on the word cirrhosis. (Who finds these words anyway?) Mr. Gibson assured us that "we are all champions." What a load of crap. Don't even get me started on "it doesn't matter if you win, only if you try your best." Tell that to your interviewer when you visit colleges and they comment on your 2.8 GPA. Ugh. After numerous blood tests, the doctor thinks I either have the Parvo virus or----------- don't laugh---------- herpes. i am suffering in silence- I WILL PREVAIL! And, by the way, I just saw a really old post of Sam's(from like,early January) where someone with this ":P" kept commenting. I demand to know who this is. Please help me find the culprit.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Regarding Jen's Comment

I think the whole "boys should ask girls out" is very very sexist. Why should boys be the ones to do it? I mean, you did Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a women's rights activist, as your reformer. She worked against these stupid stereotypes that keep women from advancing in the modern day world. That kind of thinking would essentially turn all of us girls into slaving, undereducated housewives meant only to cook, clean, babysit, and bedwarm. I found that comment extremely offensive and ask that you take it back.

So bored.

Well, since no one except Angie and Frances and Melissa have talked to me, I'd like to say some things-
  1. To Jeff- How did it go? Congrats on opening night.
  2. To Taylor- Happy Birthday. I have a present for you but I can't come to your birthday party. I'm really sorry, but the other patrons of Carabbas would think I have leprosy. (Do I have leprosy?)
  3. To Sam- Good job at the poetry slam. And for caring about us lesser beings.
  4. To self- Stop being a moping loser with no life.
  5. To Whom It May Concern- Getting steadily worse. May not be in school Monday. Feel like crap. Have fun without me, whatever you're doing.
  6. To Carabbas crew- Eat some extra whatever you eat at Carabbas for me!
  7. Happy 14th birthday, Taylor!
  8. Break your other leg tonight, Jeff.
  9. Someone take a picture of maeve for me. Please. I'm dying of curiosity.
  10. P.S. Summer Stage Musical- July 17-28. See ya there.
  11. Note to all Charlie Brown leads who may visit this site- Mrs. Sprissler asked me to, with the help of some others, rewrite the lyrics for the encore presentation of "Happiness" about the musical, and practices, and every thing that we have done in practices. This will be a surprise for Brockles. Please comment if you are interested, and we can make a time to rewrite the lyrics to the songs.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Right now, I have either a very strong allergic reaction causing hives or an powerful undiagnosed virus. All I know is, i don't feel pretty. At all. Maybe I have smallpox.

Anyway, did Angie really ask out Joe Po?

Please comment. I'm so lonely and sick and BORED!

Break a leg, Paco! And have fun with Maeve!

Innocent Inoffensive Chatter

I think I'm allergic to school. Maybe I have hives from that.

Yesterday, E had a Sharpie from a scene during play practice. She colored the tip of James Smart's nose black, and he couldn't get it off. Hilarious!

I am watching There and Back Again-The Story of Ashley Parker Angel. I officially have no life.

I just found out (with Sam) from Chris DiNardo this awful song about Ashley Schwartz. It is so cruel. It is the basis of the whole "AASH-Ley Schwartz" thing. It's really bad( and, sadly, funny)

My voice teacher and Ms. Dickinger hate each other because all of the girls that she's trained that went to Conestoga, Dixie has amde them sing down a voice part, once even rupturing a muscle in the throat of one of her best students.

Note to all Charlie Brown leads who may vicit this site- Mrs. Sprissler asked me to, with the help of some others, rewrite the lyrics for the encore presentation of "Happiness" about the musical, and practices, and every thing that we have done in practices. This will be a surprise for Brockles. Please comment if you are interested, and we can make a time to rewrite the lyrics to the songs.

Oh, shoot, time for my doctor's appointment. See you. Please tell me what homework there is !