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Friday, February 03, 2006

Innocent Inoffensive Chatter

I think I'm allergic to school. Maybe I have hives from that.

Yesterday, E had a Sharpie from a scene during play practice. She colored the tip of James Smart's nose black, and he couldn't get it off. Hilarious!

I am watching There and Back Again-The Story of Ashley Parker Angel. I officially have no life.

I just found out (with Sam) from Chris DiNardo this awful song about Ashley Schwartz. It is so cruel. It is the basis of the whole "AASH-Ley Schwartz" thing. It's really bad( and, sadly, funny)

My voice teacher and Ms. Dickinger hate each other because all of the girls that she's trained that went to Conestoga, Dixie has amde them sing down a voice part, once even rupturing a muscle in the throat of one of her best students.

Note to all Charlie Brown leads who may vicit this site- Mrs. Sprissler asked me to, with the help of some others, rewrite the lyrics for the encore presentation of "Happiness" about the musical, and practices, and every thing that we have done in practices. This will be a surprise for Brockles. Please comment if you are interested, and we can make a time to rewrite the lyrics to the songs.

Oh, shoot, time for my doctor's appointment. See you. Please tell me what homework there is !


  • At 12:11 PM, Anonymous jen said…

    okay... social studies- we have to finish 15-4 notes by Monday, 15-5 notes by Tuesday, and timeline by Monday.

    Math-nothing, but we got our course selection cards

    Science-different teacher; can't help you with that

    English-if you have Pacitti, we just have to start reading our books.


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