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Saturday, February 04, 2006

So bored.

Well, since no one except Angie and Frances and Melissa have talked to me, I'd like to say some things-
  1. To Jeff- How did it go? Congrats on opening night.
  2. To Taylor- Happy Birthday. I have a present for you but I can't come to your birthday party. I'm really sorry, but the other patrons of Carabbas would think I have leprosy. (Do I have leprosy?)
  3. To Sam- Good job at the poetry slam. And for caring about us lesser beings.
  4. To self- Stop being a moping loser with no life.
  5. To Whom It May Concern- Getting steadily worse. May not be in school Monday. Feel like crap. Have fun without me, whatever you're doing.
  6. To Carabbas crew- Eat some extra whatever you eat at Carabbas for me!
  7. Happy 14th birthday, Taylor!
  8. Break your other leg tonight, Jeff.
  9. Someone take a picture of maeve for me. Please. I'm dying of curiosity.
  10. P.S. Summer Stage Musical- July 17-28. See ya there.
  11. Note to all Charlie Brown leads who may visit this site- Mrs. Sprissler asked me to, with the help of some others, rewrite the lyrics for the encore presentation of "Happiness" about the musical, and practices, and every thing that we have done in practices. This will be a surprise for Brockles. Please comment if you are interested, and we can make a time to rewrite the lyrics to the songs.


  • At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Jeff said…

    Wow, this took a while to comment on.
    Opening night was terrific. Wish you could've been there - it was AWESOME!
    Couldn't break my other leg on Saturday because I became so sick I couldn't perform. Oh, by the way, Maeve's going to try and come to Charlie Brown, so you'll meet her then if you don't end up coming to Honk! since you're sick. On that topic, how are you feeling? Get better soon, or else you may actually have to wait for Charlie Brown to meet Maeve.
    Okay, that's all. Back to the homework I missed.

  • At 5:35 PM, Blogger Frances =) said…

    Summer stage musical. . .wat?
    ~Frances =)


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